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Save Every Time You Charge & Membership Is Free

The Blink Network is a rich infrastructure of over 4,000 charging stations plus a customizable online dashboard. As a member, EV drivers enjoy discounted fees at charging stations across the country and more. (Charging costs vary based on local equipment operating costs and level of membership.)

Blink Memberships are free, have no annual fee, and your InCard is free too. Learn more on our FAQ page.

Please be advised that in order to create a Blink Member account or Blink Guest code, a $1.00 or $5.00 authorization fee will display on the credit card account provided. This is for authorization purposes only. Fees will not actually be charged to your account until you use a station.

Anyone can charge their cars at Blink charging
stations-- membership is not required. However,
becoming a Blink Member has terrific advantages. Join today.

*EZ Charge/No Charge to Charge Participants: please note that in order to enjoy the benefits associated with Nissan's No Charge to Charge ("NCTC") program on the Blink Network, you must activate your EZ Charge card on the EZ Charge website and register it with the Blink Network.  Any charging sessions on the Blink Network which do not utilize the EZ Charge card and/or utilize non-participating NCTC Blink stations will not be eligible for NCTC benefits. For more information, please visit the EZ Charge website.

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